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3Q 2021
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Concerned about environmental sustainability? Fiber optic internet service is your best option

Fiber optic, a type of internet service that uses glass or plastic to transfer data as light signals, has received a lot of attention recently because of its superior speeds and reliability and its ability to be applied to other areas besides internet service, such as to 5G deployment or a smart grid system. However, a less-talked about benefit of fiber optic is its limited impact on the environment compared to other internet types… [Continue Reading]

Several carriers have limited-time promotions! If you have a need for any of the promotional services below, please contact us and we will get you started with the carrier promotion*.

As always, there are no fees for our professional services as we are an extension of the carriers’ sales & back office team.

AT&T Has 2 Great Promotions!
Reduced Business Internet Pricing
GigE Nationwide with Dedicated Internet

  • 100M Unmanaged – $786.00; 100M Managed – $806.00
  • 150M Unmanaged – $826.00; 150M Managed – $846.00
  • 500M Unmanaged – $1380.00; 500M Managed – $1487.00
  • 1G+ – Call for promotional pricing

Free 30-day Trial: Managed Vulnerability Program
The 30-day Managed Vulnerability Program trial includes:

  • Unlimited Scans
  • Asset Management identification (devices connected to the network)
  • Threat / Risk Prioritization
  • Patch / Config Management
  • PCI compliance
  • And more!

Frontier Dedicated Internet Access + Managed Router:
Add Managed Router to Frontier DIA for as little as $40/month! (5-year contract)

Windstream (offers expire 12/31/21):
Up to 5 months free on OfficeSuite UC and SD-WAN
Get up to 5 months free of 100% cloud-based UC and SD-WAN for premiere performance and availability without the premiere-level price.

SD-WAN 4G Resiliency

Purchase Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN – and at least one access connection to receive 1 year free of cellular broadband backup at every SD-WAN location.

to take advantage of the above promotions!

If you would like to receive a quote, click on the button below or contact AmCom at / (512) 342-2226 x104.

*Other terms & conditions may apply. Contact AmCom for eligibility requirements on any of the above promotions.
Security and the Cloud: Trends in Enterprise Cloud Computing

With more than 90 percent of businesses in the US using cloud infrastructure, the features they value, the challenges they consider most prominent, and the amount of money they are willing to invest in cloud computing are important factors to understand.

Clutch conducted a survey with some key findings such as 75% of enterprises implement additional security measures beyond what the cloud service providers offer, suggesting cloud infrastructure is not secure enough on its own, out-of-the-box…[Continue Reading]

Misplaced equipment impacts time, quality of care, and budget.

RTLS+ provides the tools and analytics required to
vigilantly monitor and locate critical hospital equipment. Unlike other real-time location services
solutions, RTLS+ enables facilities to:

  • Improve speed and quality of care with real-time equipment identification and location, so that
    staff can find the exact equipment they need, when they need it.
  • Reduce the cost of misplaced and stolen equipment by leveraging AI & ML video analytics,
    geo-fencing, and beacons to ensure equipment stays on-site.
  • Proactively monitor equipment by receiving real-time notifications and alerts when equipment
    moves outside of pre-determined locations.

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POTS Lines – Great Rates!
Many carriers will no longer be supporting POTS lines. In addition, your company may be over-paying for these lines. AmCom can provide you with a quote to combine all of your POTS lines on one bill. We may be able to get you a better rate, in many cases up to 45% off of what you’re currently paying for unsupported POTS lines!

Is your organization trying to support distributed teams and meet demand for more and more network users, applications and devices? Do you need greater network flexibility & reliability while keeping overhead costs down?
NaaS is an ideal solution to your problem and AmCom can help you out. Our international network partner provides the following:

  • Complete out-of-box solution includes:
    • Switching
    • Security Appliance
    • Wi-Fi Access Points
    • Optical Sensor Cameras
  • Offered as a service on a monthly utility pricing model
  • Deployed, managed, and supported by the our international network partner
  • SD-WAN functionality enables your company to utilize business broadband Internet instead of costly MPLS networks

If you would like a complimentary network assessment, click here. If you would like to receive a quote for any of the promotions above, please contact AmCom at or (512) 342-2226 x104.


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