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Hosted Voice and Unified Communications is The Future

The world has evolved into a digital ecosystem that combines the interconnectivity between multiple applications. Businesses have the option of utilizing a premise-based PBX system with SIP protocol in which the costs can be extremely high, or Voice over IP (VoIP) which is much more cost effective.

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology requires less capital and expense commitment, can be implemented quickly, utilizes less in-house technical expertise, and is very scalable with your business.

VoIP can save additional money by eliminating on-site legacy telecommunication equipment, wiring, the need for proprietary maintenance and technical support agreements.

Here’s some key benefits of using Hosted Voice and Unified Communications:

  • Faster to implement and install
  • Existing telephone numbers can be easily migrated to a hosted service
  • Incorporate legacy technologies i.e. fax into hosted service
  • Offers simplistic dialing
  • Integrates into hundreds of business applications and back office CRMs
  • Interfaces into mobility technologies
  • Allows seamless integration into remote locations
  • One number connects all locations for business branding efficiencies

VoIP technology offers you more control over incoming and outgoing phone calls. Plus, you can connect all your branch offices, telecommuters and mobile employees to your cloud-based Hosted Voice service—making for a more productive and efficient work environment.

Manage changes with ease and take control. With Hosted Voice, no more paying for proprietary vendor technicians or hiring IT techs to perform simple tasks that you can now do with a few key strokes.

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