Protect your company against web-based threats that can enter your network through the Internet.

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Cloud Web Security Protection by AT&T

Business People On Secure LaptopHow It Works:
AT&T Cloud Web Security Service scans Internet traffic by using content filtering, malware scanning and application controls to help protect your systems from various cyber attacks. It requires a simple configuration change to your firewall, router, or proxy server for business admins to log into the Cloud Web Security Service portal to manage.

Since Cloud Web Security Service doesn’t require additional on-site equipment, your company can avoid:

• Cost of additional IT staff to manage onsite solutions
• Capital expenditures
• Replacing obsolete technology

Bundle-up for the Most Protection! AT&T is constantly improving its products and working to provide elements that work together seamlessly. The products are designed to help detect web-based threats, which helps your private business data remain highly secure at the best possible price.

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Features & Benefits

Malware Protection
The service uses inline scanning technology from multiple vendors to examine web content, identifying and categorizing malicious and suspicious sites, before an attack occurs.

Customized Content Filtering
Your company can develop a content filtering policy based on your security needs. There are two levels:

  • Basic policy: Block or allow web content categories, sources, and destinations that apply globally.
  • Advanced policy: Includes extra features, such as user coaching, blocking of unauthenticated users, permit lists for specific web destinations.

Benefits of Managed Internet Service with Cloud Web Security Service

Acess vital information, in a safe, highly secure and expeditious manner by combining AT&T Managed Internet Service and Cloud Web Security Service. Why? Here are three reasons:

  • By adding two layers of security to your data, the exposure to cyber-attacks is effectviely eliminated.
  • Craft your own content filtering policies and have confidence that our provided network will respond
    and abide by those parameters as requested.
  • As a bundle, we offer a one-time, customizable, cost-efficient purchase.

Common Security Concerns:

Employee activity online during working hours hurts productivity and magnifies risks.

Promote a culture of highly secure web browsing that supports organizational goals and suggests web application controls. Our administrative portal enables customization and management of company web browsing policies, which changes online behaviors. These features include:

  • Blocking unauthenticated users
  • Defining permitted web destinations
  • Controlling and tracking web-application activity
  • Blocking the sending of attachments via web-based email
  • Blocking users from typing certain keywords in search engines

New enterprise web applications and connected devices increase security risks for businesses. You want to help protect your network and your business, but your IT department can’t handle the additional workload.

Comprehensive security features with controlled costs and complexity To help protect connected devices from malware without hiring additional IT staff, suggest comprehensive, subscription-based web security using Cloud Web Security Service and AT&T Managed Internet Service.

  • Offers best in class connectivity with comprehensive security for their network
  • Helps protect devices from malware and malicious websites
  • Provides granular control of web applications and proactive security to help avoid future attacks
  • Intuitive tools enable users to easily create, enforce and monitor effective web use policies

Since there is no on-site equipment, your company can avoid having to install, accommodate and maintain hardware.

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