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August 2020

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With an Internet continuity plan, your business won’t ever be closed

Storms. Fires. Floods. Power outages.

A number of natural and man-made events can affect your ability to keep the lights on and systems running. Internet connectivity in particular is one of the most critical systems needed to maintain business operations and provide good customer experiences. From a hack, to an innocent snip of the wrong line by a utility contractor, to an old-fashioned equipment failure, unforeseen circumstances could knock out your internet, your ability to connect and communicate, and your business. Unless, that is, you’ve planned ahead. [Continue Reading]

AT&T Internet Promotion – Ends August 31, 2020

AT&T has a special Dedicated Internet (ADI) installation promotion. From now through August 31, 2020, the installation fee is waived for all AT&T (onsite) and customer (tele) installation (a $99 savings). Contact AmCom at or (512) 342-2226 x104 to take advantage of this limited-time offer.

The once-disappearing phone call is making a comeback

AT&T, which owns CNN, reported that from mid-March to May 1, wireless voice calls peaked at 44% above typical levels and Wi-Fi calling more than doubled.

Other telecom services noticed the same thing.
At the height of the pandemic in March, Verizon was reporting an average of 800 million wireless calls each weekday. That’s nearly double the number of calls made on Mother’s Day, typically the busiest call day of the year. This Mother’s Day, calls were up almost 10% compared to the holiday last year.

Both companies also report that call duration is up, meaning that people are staying on the phone longer… [Continue Reading]

Long-term uses for AI and IoT in retail environments

Retailers around the globe are cautiously reopening their doors after facing perhaps the most challenging times in decades, while in some areas of the world the toughest times may still lie ahead. The short-term disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is clear, but its impact on the future of retail operations is yet to be seen. This uncertainty is creating unseen challenges for retailers, who are looking to make smart investments in technology that will not become obsolete once health and safety guidelines and restrictions lift.

  • IoT-enabled security cameras can make retail environments more efficient, customer-friendly and most importantly, more secure and safe
  • AI applications can assist multiple retail sectors in enhancing customer experience and increasing sales conversions with actionable, intelligent data
  • By connecting smart cameras with other systems in IoT, safety processes can be fully automated

[Continue Reading]

Cloud software provider Blackbaud pays ransom, as incidents rise globally

This time South Carolina-based Blackbaud, a third-party supplier of database services and customer relationship management (CRM) systems for enterprises, had paid hackers an undisclosed ransom to unlock its own client data.

Blackbaud describes itself as the “world’s leading cloud software company powering social good.” The clients in question reportedly include, homeless charity Crisis, the UK Universities of Aberystwyth and Aberdeen*, each of which has issued apologetic notices to its customers and partners. Other customers listed by the company include the American Diabetes Association, the Universities of London and Oxford, and YWCA Chicago. [Continue Reading]

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