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Your network is the foundation to help your company transform its business.

Depending on where you company is located, you may have a choice of carriers in which to choose for your Internet connectivity. Some companies may only have one carrier to choose. Either way, the major carriers have different enterprise-level packages and speeds to accommodate just about every businesses Internet needs, current and future.

Upgrading and adding new service is not that easy and not always seamless.

This is where AmCom can take the burden off your shoulders…and there’s no cost or fees for our help!

VoIP and Mobility is the Voice Trend

cell phone mobility connectionsMost businesses have high-speed Internet connections and also have separate phone lines. Combining voice calls with Internet connectivity is much more cost-effective.

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology requires less capital and expense commitment, can be implemented quickly, utilizes less in-house technical expertise, and is very scalable with your business since there are no long-term contracts and you pay a ‘per user’ fee.

You can purchase or lease your new VoIP phone, take it anywhere and receive calls as if you were in the office. In addition, VoIP  can save additional money by eliminating on-site legacy telecommunication equipment, wiring, the need for proprietary maintenance and technical support agreements, also saves monies.

VoIP technology offers you more control over incoming and outgoing phone calls. Plus, you can connect all your remote users including branch offices, telecommuters, and mobile employees, to your cloud-based Hosted Voice auto attendant—making for a more productive and efficient work environment.

VoIP technology simplifies the ability to manage changes with ease. You have control rather than waiting and paying for proprietary vendor technicians or hiring IT techs to perform a very simple task you can now do with a few key strokes.

The auto attendant allows you to access many features such as:

  • Telecommuters and field agents can acccess at home or a remote location to receive calls as if in the office.
  • Calls will follow you wherever you choose – to your cell phone, home phone, home-office phone – again controlled by you through easy point-and-click commands.
  • Your customers can call a local Miami phone number that rings at your call center in Denver.
  • Find Me, Follow Me will ring in multiple locations until a person is found.

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Don’t Become a Security Statistic

Data Center Sky and CloudsWe can help secure your valuable company data assets with data management, security including DDoS, backup, and disaster recovery solutions from the top providers to keep your business operating and secure 24/7/365.

Disaster Recovery Technologies
Disasters happen and they are not always natural catastrophes, but hardware and server room failures or mishaps. One in three businesses  have already experienced a serious event. Setting up a physical DR site is often costly and extremely time consuming. Cloud-based DR solutions are a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional disaster recovery methods.

Data Backup
Works very much like a tape backup that harnesses the power and security of  the Cloud. Your important data is encrypted and 100% secure in remote data centers.

Data Redundancy
Redundancy in consumer-grade digital storage is a fail-safe measure using additional internal drives to store data in more than one place protecting data against drive failure in real time.

Powerful Data Security
Robust and adaptable solution for your data security needs. We can provide scalable solutions for encrypting your data.

Amcom Solutions offers enterprise-level software and services to protect your data through real-time encryption and online data backup. Don’t leave your critical business applications unprotected for another day. Contact us now for innovative solutions.

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