Attaining Operational Excellence Through Internet of Things (IoT)

We are in an era of technological evolution where companies in just about any industry can utilize IoT to obtain competitive advantage while achieving operational excellence and ROI. The Internet of Things are used by many industries for several purposes. We’ve listed some industries below and a sample of their IoT uses:

  • Manufacturing – Monitor the operations of machines and devices to track performance.
  • Transportation – Monitor freight movement and locations.
  • Utilities – Smart grid for electricity and gas.
  • Oil & Gas – Sensors to monitor leaks and levels in tanks.
  • Healthcare – Remotely monitor patient’s health in real-time with alerts. Also monitor critical equipment.
  • Retail – Track inventory levels.
  • Parking – Notify drivers as to which spaces are available and the number of spaces available on each parking garage levels.
  • Mining – Monitor environmental changes, reducing the hazardous impact on workers.
  • Insurance – Usage-based Insurance (UBI) Telematics to monitor individual drivers to adjust individual rates based on how each customer drives.
  • Consumer – Home automation to control everything from heat & air conditioning to lights and doors. Another example is the use of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

There are so many uses for each industry as more and more companies develop unique solutions to their individual operational concerns. IoT is still in its growth stage and enterprises are now starting to embrace the technology. According to a 2017 survey by HCL, 43% of respondents say their customers will suffer due to their organization’s inability to utilize IoT and more than half indicate that they need help in understanding the benefits end-to-end implementation. Here are some more findings:

  • 49% said an uncoordinated, siloed approach to IoT is holding them back from pilot to revenue generation.
  • 82% said that those embracing the IoT are likely to be in a stronger position in the marketplace.
  • 65% said the primary drivers for adopting IoT are improving business process efficiency and better customer satisfaction.
  • About 38% organizations surveyed are using the IoT.
  • 57% plan to use IoT in the future.
  • 100% of respondents expect to see benefits if their organization were able to increase their use of IoT.
  • 50% believe they are already behind the curve in adopting IoT.

Just about every industry segment can benefit from some type of Internet of Things deployment. According to IDC, IoT spending is forecasted to surpass the $1 trillion mark in 2020. What does this mean for your company? If you have not deployed Internet of Things yet, now is the time to protect your enterprise from digital disruption and gain a competitive edge.

AmCom Solutions can help your enterprise with IoT, from concept to deployment and there is NO FEE for our professional services! We work with many of the major players (fiber and wireless carriers, manufacturers, software providers, etc.) so that your company can focus on its core business while we focus on your IoT deployment.

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