Your fleet visible from virtually anywhere.

Monitor containers at a whole new level

AT&T XT4970 IoT MonitorServing your global customers means maximizing the utilization of your containers and trailers while also minimizing the risk of theft or loss. AT&T Asset Management puts you in control and helps you stay on top of your untethered trailers and containers. Devices with sensors are easily attached to your assets, sending GPS and other data, so you can track the specific transportation leg of each shipment or identify demand and supply trends by location.

How it works
Monitoring devices attached to your container collect location and sensor information, which are then transmitted to the Cloud application that provides visibility and management over the course of the shipment. Whether your container is in motion, untethered on site, or on a railcar for weeks, you will have maximum visibility by managing your assets with AT&T.

Energy harvesting for longer battery life
The next generation in tracking devices utilize self-charging lithium ion batteries with solar panels to extend maintenance-free operation. Ready for long-term deployments or unpowered assets, you can maintain visibility as your freight assets travel.

Customize important notifications
Monitor containers for virtually any event that may cause an at-risk situation. Alarm rules can be customized to notify based on your information needs — whether for safety, inventory utilization, or redeployment time.

Seamless and hassle-free

Asset monitoring devices are available in multiple form factors including the XT4970, which supports long-term, remote, maintenance-free deployment.

  • Sensor-rich, advanced tracking device
  • Integrated high-precision GPS engine
  • Rugged design
  • Created for chassis and other unpowered assets
  • Self-charging battery

Seamless and hassle-free

  • Global wireless coverage
  • SIM management
  • SaaS or enterprise hosted software
  • 24 × 7 customer support
  • APIs to enterprise backend applications

Gain better control over your asset utilization with end-to-end visibility.

Generate sufficient return on investment (ROI) with your transportation inventory. Know when and where your shipping containers are idle so that you can quickly redeploy them to higher demand locations – and improve your profit margins.

More visibility. More control.
Find and coordinate the movement of your critical equipment so you can reduce downtime costs. A comprehensive dashboard offers visualized data, customizable geofences, and alerts that enable your business to respond quickly and proactively manage risk. Automatic recording of accurate arrival times provides the data to enforce detention/dwell time billing so you can increase revenue.

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