Fiber Broadband Bundle (FBB)


Fiber Broadband Bundle* (FBB) is a package of IP data and domestic voice services that includes Voice over IP (VoIP) calling, Internet access via Ethernet, and associated equipment, including a router and optional VoIP module card (IP adapter) all on one consolidated bill. Your business can use the FBB connection for data, fax transmissions, and voice traffic because the service converts voice to data packets. Voice calling capacity is 10, 23, or 46 concurrent calls per FBB. Concurrent calls use standard voice traffic tools or your existing voice channel capacity.

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Fiber Broadband Bundle (FBB) provides the following features:

  • Competitive Pricing—You get a flat rate for up to 100 Mbps Internet access, up to 46 concurrent calls via voice over IP service, and a managed router at a competitive price. This price is based on your selection of voice calling capacity and bandwidth for the bundle.
  • Internet Access with Managed Router—FBB allows you to select 10, 20, 50, or 100 Mbps of bandwidth on an Ethernet circuit to handle your data and business applications. In addition, you get excellent performance, security features, and 24×7 monitoring and management.
  • Voice over IP Service—You get 10, 23, or 46 concurrent calls and 3,000, 6,900, or 13,800 minutes of outbound long distance interstate (Inter- and IntraLATA) and intrastate toll U.S. Off-Net calling per month. Local calling and long distance On-Net calling is unlimited. Additional minutes and international Off-Net calling are available at competitive rates. So, our plan meets a wide range of calling needs.
  • Web Tools—You can conveniently manage your network and account online 24×7. This award-winning web portal enables you to quickly perform many network management and administrative tasks. You get the tools you need to track and monitor your network performance.

Here are some of the FBB benefits:

  • Cost Control—Implement a system that can deliver valuable features without dramatically increasing the costs. Maximize your investment with an efficient network.
  • Speed—Boost access speed and expand your system with the flexibility to choose the best access method.
  • Value—Design a solution that not only solves problems but adds value. You need a solution that’s cost effective and proves its value.
  • Simplicity—Simplify the process of managing your system while allowing you to meet high standards of productivity and reliability.


*In Qualified Territories

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